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Revised Acts of St. Kitts and Nevis as at 31st December 2009

Revised Acts of St. Kitts and Nevis 2002 and 2009 Revised Edition
(in force as at 31 Dec 2017)
Name Chapter
Statutes Act Ch 01.04
Gazette (Authorization) Act Ch 02.02
Local Government Act Ch 02.03
National Assembly (Powers & Privileges) Act Ch 02.04
Acts (Authentication) Act Ch 02.05
Ordinances (Printing of False Copies) Act Ch 02.06
Arbitration Act Ch 03.01
Attorney-General’s Act Ch 03.02
Commissions of Inquiry Act Ch 03.03
Commissioners for Oaths Act Ch 03.04
Common Law (Declaration of Application) Act Ch 03.05
Contempt of Court Act Ch 03.06
Convicts’ Licences Act Ch 03.07
Coroners Act Ch 03.08
Corporal Punishment Act Ch 03.09
Courts of Justice Fees Act Ch 03.10
ECSC (St Christopher and Nevis) Act Ch 03.11
Foreign Judgments (Reciprocal Enforcement) Act Ch 03.13
Judgments Act Ch 03.14
Juvenile Courts Act Ch 03.16
Notaries Public Act Ch 03.18
Oaths Act Ch 03.19
Alternative Sentencing Powers Act Ch 03.20
Admissbility into Evidence of Photographs Act Ch 03.21
Ombudsman Act Ch 03.22
Abolition of Minimum Punishments Act Ch 04.01 
Accessories and Abettors Act Ch 04.03
Coinage Offences Act Ch 04.04
Criminal Procedure (Committal for Sentence) Act Ch 04.07
Extradition Act Ch 04.08
Forfeited Recognisances Act Ch 04.09
Forgery Act Ch 04.10
Forgery Act Ch 04.10
Fugitive Offenders Act Ch 04.11
Genocide Act Ch 04.12
Hijacking Act Ch 04.13
Indictments Act Ch 04.14
Larceny Act Ch 04.16
Larceny (Summary Offences) Act Ch 04.17
Libel and Slander Act Ch 04.18
Obeah Act Ch 04.20
Organised Crime (Prevention and Control) Act Ch 04.22
Perjury Act Ch 04.23
Post Office Offences Act Ch 04.24
Praedial Larceny (Prevention) Act Ch 04.25
Prevention of Crimes Act Ch 04.26
Probation of Offenders Act Ch 04.27
Railways Offences Act Ch 04.29
Remission of Penalties Act Ch 04.30
Rewards for the Apprehension of Criminals Act Ch 04.31
Saint Kitts and Nevis and the USA Extradition Treaty Act Ch 04.32
Saint Kitts Nevis USA Treaty on Mutual Criminal Matters Act Ch 04.33
Sedition and Undesirable Publications Act Ch 04.34
Sentence of Death (Expectant Mothers) Act Ch 04.35
Small Trespass Act Ch 04.37
Taking of Hostages Act Ch 04.38
Tokyo Convention Act Ch 04.39
Trafficking In Persons (Prevention) Act Ch 04.40
Administration of Insolvent Estates Act Ch 05.01
Bankruptcy Act Ch 05.04
Causes of Action (Survival) Act Ch 05.05
Crown Proceedings Act Ch 05.06
Debtors Act Ch 05.07
Law Reform Miscellaneous Provisions Act Ch 05.08
Limitation Act Ch 05.09
Malicious Damage Act Ch 05.10
Probates (Resealing) Act Ch 05.11
Promissory Oaths Act Ch 05.12
Public Authorities Protection Act Ch 05.13
Reciprocal Enforcement of Judgments Act Ch 05.14
Recording of Court Proceedings Act Ch 05.15
Recovery of Rent Act Ch 05.16
Third Parties (Rights against Insurers) Act Ch 05.17
Trust Corporation (Probate and Administration) Act Ch 05.18
Unrepresented Estates Act Ch 05.20
United Kingdom Forces (Jurisdiction of Civil Courts) Act Ch 05.21
Diplomatic and Consular Services (Immunities & Privileges) Act Ch 06.01
Intl Org and Overseas Countries (Immunities and Privileges) Act Ch 06.03
Recruiting of Workers Act Ch 06.05
Undesirable Persons Expulsion Act Ch 06.06
UN & Specialised Agencies (Privileges & Immunities) Act Ch 06.07
Carriage of Goods by Sea Act Ch 07.01
Foreign Merchant Shipping (Agreements) Act Ch 07.02
Maritime Areas Act Ch 07.03
Mercantile Law Amendment Act Ch 07.04
Merchant Shipping (Agreements) Act Ch 07.06
Merchant Shipping (Liability of Shipowners and Others Act Ch 07.07
Port Dues Act Ch 07.08
Private Piers and Wharves Act Ch 07.09
Public Piers and Wharves Act Ch 07.10
Roadsteads Regulation Act Ch 07.11
West Indies Shipping Corporation Act Ch 07.12
Wrecks Inquiries Act Ch 07.13
Carriage by Air Act Ch 08.01
Civil Aviation (Montreal Convention) Act Ch 08.02
Departure Tax Act Ch 08.04
Nevis Air and Sea Ports Authority Act Ch 08.05
Robert Llewellyn Bradshaw Intl Airport Act Ch 08.06
Accidents & Occupational Diseases (Notification) Act Ch 09.01
Ancillary Dental Workers Act Ch 09.02
Antibiotics and Therapeutic Substances Act Ch 09.04
Burials Act Ch 09.05
Cadavers (Importation) Act Ch 09.06
Drugs (Prevent Abatement of the Misuse Abuse of Drugs) Act Ch 09.08
Female Persons of Unsound Mind (Protection) Act Ch 09.09
Government Chemist’s Certificate Act Ch 09.10
Infant Life (Preservation) Act Ch 09.11
Institution-Based Health Services (Management) Act Ch 09.12
Lepers Act Ch 09.13
Lunacy & Mental Treatment Act Ch 09.14
Medical Act Ch 09.15
Medical (Districts and Duties) Act Ch 09.16
Pesticides & Toxic Chemical Control Act Ch 09.18
Private Burial Grounds Act Ch 09.19
Public Health (Immunisation Against Communicable Diseases) Act Ch 09.20
Public Health Act Ch 09.21
Public Pounds Act Ch 09.22
Quarantine Act- Final Ch 09.23
Radio-Active Minerals Act Ch 09.24
Saint Kitts and Nevis Red Cross Society Act Ch 09.25
Sale of Food & Drugs Act Ch 09.26
Springfield Cemetry Act Ch 09.27
Veterinary Act Ch 09.28
Precursor Chemicals Act Ch 09.29
Aliens Land Holding Regulation Act Ch 10.01
Auctioneers Act Ch 10.02
Conveyancing and Law of Property Ch 10.04 
Exchange of Glebe Lands (Saint Christopher) Act Ch 10.05
Government Lands Regulation Act Ch 10.06
Housing Act Ch 10.07
Land Acquisition Act Ch 10.08
Land Development Act Ch 10.09 
Land Surveyors Act Ch 10.10
Minerals (Vesting) Act Ch 10.11 
Partition Act Ch 10.12 
Prescription Act Ch 10.13 
Purchase of Sugar Estates’ Lands Agreement Act Ch 10.14 
Real Estate Charges Act Ch 10.15
Real Representative Act Ch 10.16 
Settled Estates Act Ch 10.17
Small Tenements Act Ch 10.18
Title by Registration Act Ch 10.19 
Vesting of Ordnance Lands Act Ch 10.20 
Village Lands Freehold Purchase Act Ch 10.21 
Fruit Trees (Destruction Prohibition) Act  Ch 11.01 
Fumigation of Plants Act Ch 11.02
National Conservation and Environment Protection Act Ch 11.03
Protection of Animals Act Ch 11.04 
Watercourses and Waterworks Act Ch 11.06 
International trade in wild Fauna and Flora Act Ch 11.08 
Age of Majority Act Ch 12.02 
Divorce Act Ch 12.03 
Domestic Violence Act Ch 12.04 
Intestates Estates Act Ch 12.06 
Maintenance Orders (Facilities for Enforcement) Act Ch 12.08 
Marriage Act Ch 12.09 
Marriage (Prohibited Degree of Relationship) Act Ch 12.10 
Married Women’s Property Act Ch 12.11
Registration of Births, Deaths and Marriage Act Ch 12.13 
Wills Act Ch 12.15 
Wills (Soldiers and Sailors) Act Ch 12.16 
Education Act Ch 13.01 
Caribbean Examinations Council Act Ch 13.02 
Institute of Chartered Accountants of the Eastern Carib Act Ch 13.03 
Saint Christopher Nevis Accreditation of Institutions Act Ch 13.04 
Agricultural Development Act Ch 14.01 
Agricultural Small Holdings Act Ch 14.02
Cattle Trespass (Trespass to Small Holdings by Cattle) Act Ch 14.03 
Cotton Act Ch 14.04 
Cotton Export Act Ch 14.05 
Exportation of Fruit Act Ch 14.06 
Local Food Production Act Ch 14.08
Plant Protection Act  Ch 14.09 
Planting of Sugar Canes (Prohibition) Act  Ch 14.10 
Slaughter and Export of Livestock Poultry (Prohibition) Act Ch 14.11 
Sugar Industry Rehab (Confirmation of Agreements) Act Ch 14.12
Sugar Industry Act Ch 14.13
Sugar Industry (Rehabilitation) Loan Act Ch 14.14 
Closure of Streets Act Ch 15.01 
Motor Vehicles Insurance (Third-Party Risks) Act Ch 15.02
Obstruction of Streets (Prevention) Act Ch 15.03
Public Service Vehicle Drivers (Special Provisions) Act Ch 15.04
Roads Act Ch 15.05
Post Office Act Ch 16.03 
Public Utilities Act Ch 16.04
Telecommunications Act Ch 16.05
Betting and Gaming (Control) Act Ch 17.01
Lotteries Act Ch 17.02
St. Kitts and Nevis Racing Commission Act Ch 17.03
Aid to Pioneer Industries Act Ch 18.01
Apportionment Act Ch 18.02
Apprenticeship and Tradespersons’ Qualification Act Ch 18.03
Bills of Exchange Act Ch 18.04
Bills of Lading Act Ch 18.05
Bills of Sale Act Ch 18.06
Central Marketing Corporation Act Ch 18.07
Copyright Act Ch 18.08
Distribution and Price of Goods Act Ch 18.09
Employment of Women, Young Persons and Children Act Ch 18.10
External Trade Act Ch 18.11
Factories Act Ch 18.12
Factors Act Ch 18.13
Friendly Societies Act Ch 18.14
Holidays With Pay Act Ch 18.15
Hotel Proprietors Act Ch 18.16 
Hotels Aid Act Ch 18.17
Labour Act Ch 18.18 
Marks, Collective Marks and Trade Names Act Ch 18.22 
Newspapers Act Ch 18.23 
Newspapers Surety Act Ch 18.24
Patents Act Ch 18.25 
Pawnbrokers Act  Ch 18.26 
Protection of Wages Act Ch 18.28 
Rent Restriction Act Ch 18.29 
Sale of Goods Act Ch 18.30 
Shops Regulation Act Ch 18.31
Street and Side-walk Vending Prohibition Act Ch 18.33
Sugar Export Cess (Special Wages Increase Fund) Act Ch 18.34
Trade Disputes (Arbitration and Inquiry) Act Ch 18.35
Trade Unions Act Ch 18.36
United Kingdom Designs (Protection) Act Ch 18.37
Consumer Affairs Act  Ch 18.38 
Protection of Layout-Designs (Topographies) of Int Circuits Act Ch 18.40 
Biological Weapons Act Ch 19.01
Emergency Powers Act Ch 19.02 
Explosives Act Ch 19.03 
Fire and Rescue Services Act Ch 19.04
Firearms Act Ch 19.05
National Disaster Management Act Ch 19.06
Prison Act Ch 19.08
Prison (Extramural Sentences) Act Ch 19.09
Public Meetings and Processions Act Ch 19.10
Public Order Act Ch 19.11
Riot Act Ch 19.12
Safety Matches Act Ch 19.13
Uniforms Act Ch 19.15
White Phosphorus Matches Prohibition Act Ch 19.16
National Crime Commission Act Ch 19.17
Private Investigators and Security Guards Act Ch 19.18
Chemical Weapons (Prohibition and Control) Act Ch 19.19
National Defence Council Act Ch 19.20
Island Constables Act Ch 19.21
Status of Visiting Police Forces During ICC 2007 Act Ch 19.22 
Audit Act Ch 20.01
Cotton Export Levy Act Ch 20.03
Customs Duties (Dumping and Subsidies) Act Ch 20.05
Customs Tariff Act Ch 20.06
Development Control and Planning Act Ch 20.07
Development Loans Act Ch 20.08
Distilleries Act Ch 20.09
Fiscal Incentives Act Ch 20.14
Frigate Bay Development Corporation Act Ch 20.15
Frigate Bay Development Loan Act Ch 20.16
Gasoline Levy Act Ch 20.17
General Loan and Stock Act Ch 20.18
General Local Loan Act Ch 20.19
Inland Revenue Act Ch 20.23
International Financial Organizations Act Ch 20.24
Investment in St Christopher Nevis Govt Securities Act Ch 20.25
St. Kitts Investment Promotion Agency Ch 20.26
Loan (National Agricultural Corp Indebtedness) Loan Act Ch 20.27
Loans (Caribbean Development Bank) Act Ch 20.28
Natl Handicraft and Cottage Industries Develop Board Act Ch 20.29
Peace Corps Volunteers Act Ch 20.31
Property Tax Act Ch 20.32
Provisional Collection of Revenue Act Ch 20.33
Public Services (Local Loan) Act Ch 20.35
Saint Christopher Tourism Authority Act Ch 20.36
Social Development Assistance Act Ch 20.38
Special Development Loans Act Ch 20.39
Sugar Export Cess (National Land Fund) Act Ch 20.41
Sugar Excise Act  Ch 20.42
Sugar Export Cess Act Ch 20.43 
Sugar Industry Labour Welfare Fund (Reimbursement of Loan) Act Ch 20.44
Trade (Bottles and Cans Deposit Levy) Act Ch 20.45
Travelling Agents and Pedlars Licences Act Ch 20.47
Treasury Act Ch 20.49 
WhiteGate Development Corp Act Ch 20.50 
Cricket World Cup 2007 (Tourism Accommodation Incentives) Act Ch 20.53
Saint Christopher Nevis (Special Resort Development) Act Ch 20.54
Refinancing of Existing Short Term Demand Debt Act Ch 20.55
Passenger Facility Charge Act Ch 20.56
Small Business Development Act Ch 20.61
Development Bank of Saint Kitts and Nevis Act Ch 21.05
Exchange Control Act Ch 21.07
Exempt Insurance Companies Act Ch 21.08
Financial Intelligence Unit Act Ch 21.09
Partnership Act Ch 21.14
Securities Act Ch 21.16
St Kitts –Nevis-Anguilla Natl Bank Ltd (Special Provision) Act Ch 21.17
Treasury Bills Act Ch 21.18
Death Duties Remission (War Casualties) Act Ch 22.01
Director of Audit (Prescribed Age) Act Ch 22.02
Director of Public Prosecutions (Prescribed Age) Act Ch 22.03
Governor and Govenor-General (Emoluments Pensions) Act Ch 22.04
Legislators’ Pension Act Ch 22.05
Premier’s and Prime Minister’s Pension Act Ch 22.07
Speakers Pension Act Ch 22.11
Treasury Officers (Appointment) Act Ch 22.12
Treasury Reorganisation Act Ch 22.13 
Salaries Review Commission Act Ch 22.14
Social Security (Relief of S.S.M.C Pensioners) Act Ch 22.15
Assistant Registrars (Appointment) Act Ch 23.01 
Basseterre Limits Act Ch 23.02
Boundaries of Parishes (St. Christopher) Act Ch 23.03 
Brewery Act Ch 23.04 
Building Societies Act Ch 23.05 
Charlestown Limits Act Ch 23.06 
Cinematograph Act Ch 23.07 
Circus and Similar Shows Act Ch 23.08 
Fatal Accidents Act Ch 23.10
General Markets & Meat Act Ch 23.11
Mortgage Guarantee (Affordable Housing Scheme) Act Ch 23.14
National Bureau of Standards Act Ch 23.15
National Carnival Committee Act Ch 23.16
National Honours Act Ch 23.17
National Housing Corporation Act Ch 23.18
National Records and Archives Act Ch 23.19
Numbering of Houses Act Ch 23.20
Petroleum Act Ch 23.21
Press and Publications Board Act Ch 23.22
Public Holidays Act Ch 23.23
Public Parks Regulation Act Ch 23.24
Registration of Clubs Act Ch 23.26
Saint Kitts and Nevis Football (Inc) Act Ch 23.27
Sandy Point Limits Act Ch 23.28
Signatures to Petitions Act Ch 23.29
State Survey Act Ch 23.30
Towns and Villages Regulation Act Ch 23.32
Saint Kitts and Nevis Olympic Committee Inc Act Ch 23.34
Noise Abatement Act Ch 23.35
Church of God of Prophecy, Nevis Inc Act Ch 24.01
Diocesan Synod of North-Eastern Carib and Aruba Inc Act Ch 24.02
New Testament Church of God Nevis Inc Act Ch 24.04
Roman Catholic Church Inc and Vesting Act Ch 24.05
Salvation Army Inc and Vesting Act Ch 24.07
Seventh Day Adventist Church Inc Act Ch 24.08
St. Kitts Conf of Moravian Church Inc and Vesting Act Ch 24.09 
Saint Kitts Methodist Trust Corp Act Ch 24.11
Wesleyan Methodist (Vesting of Property) Act Ch 24.12 
Valley Baptist Church St. Kitts Inc Act Ch 24.13 
Living Word Christian Ctr Church, St Kitts Inc Act Ch 24.14
Redeemed Christian Church of God Inc Act Ch 24.15
Nevis Methodist Trust Inc Act Ch 24.16
Avoid of Double Tax and Prevent of Fiscal Evasion Agreement Act Ch 25.01
Caribbean Agricultural Research and Development Institute Act Ch 25.02
Caribbean Community Common Market Agreement Act Ch 25.03 
Caribbean Development Bank Act Ch 25.05
Caribbean Food Corporation Act Ch 25.06
Caribbean Investment Corporation Act Ch 25.07
Caribbean Investment Fund Act Ch 25.08
Caricom Agreement on Social Security Act Ch 25.09
Caricom Enterprises Act Ch 25.10
Eastern Caribbean Home Mortgage Bank Agreement Act Ch 25.11
Eastern Caribbean Supreme Court (Rate of Pension of Judges) Act Ch 25.12
Eastern Caribbean Telecommunications Authority Act Ch 25.13
Organisation of Eastern Caribbean States Act Ch 25.14
Regional Development Agency Agreement Act Ch 25.15
Regional Security System Act Ch 25.16
Caribbean Court of Justice (Original Jurisdiction) Act Ch 25.17
Caribbean Community Act Ch 25.18