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Revised Acts of St. Kitts and Nevis as at 31st December 2017 (Supplement)

Name Chapter
West Indies Act Ch 01.01
Interpretation Act Ch 01.02
Law Commission Act Ch 01.03
Saint Christopher and Nevis Citizenship Act Ch 01.05
National Emblems and National Anthem Act Ch 01.06
OECS (Rev Treaty of Basseterre Establish OECS Econo Union) Act Ch 01.07
OECS Supreme Court (Immunities and Privileges) Act Ch 01.08
Succession to the Crown Act Ch 01.09
National Assembly Elections Act Ch 02.01
Evidence Act  Ch 03.12
Jury Act  Ch 03.15
Magistrate’s Code of Procedure Act  Ch 03.17
Attorney-General’s Reference (Constitutional Questions) Act  Ch 03.23
Bail Act  Ch 03.24
Criminal Records (Rehabilitation of Offenders) Act Ch 03.25 
Interviewing of Suspects for Serious Crimes Act  Ch 03.26
Justice Protection Act  Ch 03.27
Legal Profession Act  Ch 03.28
Anti-Terrorism Act  Ch 04.02
Criminal Law Amendment Act  Ch 04.05
Criminal Procedure Act  Ch 04.06
Child Justice Act  Ch 04.15
Mutual Assistance in Criminal Matters Act  Ch 04.19
Offences Against the Person Act  Ch 04.21
Proceeds of Crime Act  Ch 04.28
Small Charges Act  Ch 04.36
Electronic Crimes Act  Ch 04.41
St Christopher and Nevis and Rep of China on Taiwan Extra Treaty Act  Ch 04.42
Administration of Small Estates Act  Ch 05.02
Trusts Act  Ch 05.19
Immigration Act  Ch 06.02
Passports and Travel Documents Act  Ch 06.04
Merchant Shipping Act Ch 07.05 
Civil Aviation Act  Ch 08.03
Saint Christopher Air Sea Ports Authority Act  Ch 08.07
Civil Aviation (ECCAA Agreement) Act  Ch 08.08
Animals (Ntl and Intl Movement and Prescribed Diseases Prevent) Act  Ch 09.03
Cemeteries Act  Ch 09.07
Nurses and Midwives (Registration) Act  Ch 09.17
Biosafety Act  Ch 09.30
Condominium Act  Ch 10.03
Saint Christopher and Nevis Vacation Plan and Time-Share Act  Ch 10.22
Solid Waste Management Act  Ch 11.05
Saint Christopher National Trust Act  Ch 11.07
Children (Care and Adoption) Act  Ch 12.01
Guardianship, Custody and Access to Children Act  Ch 12.05
Maintenance of Children Act  Ch 12.07
Probation and Child Welfare Board Act  Ch 12.12
Status of Children Act  Ch 12.14
Child Abduction Convention (Intl Civil Aspects) Act  Ch 12.17
Clarence Fitzroy Bryant College Act  Ch 13.05
St Christopher and Nevis Accreditation of Inst Act  Ch 13.06
Fisheries Aquaculture and Marine Resources Act  Ch 14.07
Vehicles and Road Traffic Act  Ch 15.06
Saint Christopher Electricity Supply Act  Ch 16.01
Interception of Communications Act  Ch 16.06
Labour (Minimum Wage) Act  Ch 18.19
Licences on Business and Occupations Act Ch 18.20 
Liquor Licence Act  Ch 18.21
Protection of Employment Act Ch 18.27 
St. Kitts Sugar Manufacturing Corp (Dissolution) Act  Ch 18.32
Geographical Indications Act  Ch 18.39
Saint Christopher Tourism Auth (Licensing of Vendors) Act  Ch 18.41
Saint Christopher Tourism Auth (Prescribed Areas) Act  Ch 18.42
Baico (Plan of Arrangement) Act  Ch 18.43
Electronic Transactions Act  Ch 18.44
Equal Pay Act  Ch 18.45
Unincorporated Business Tax Act  Ch 18.46
Value Added Tax Act  Ch 18.47
Police Act  Ch 19.07
Saint Christopher and Nevis Defence Force Act  Ch 19.14
Anti-Personnel Mines (Prohibition) Act  Ch 19.23
Cluster Munitions (Prohibition) Act  Ch 19.24
Gang (Prohibition and Prevention) Act  Ch 19.25
Customs Act  Ch 20.04
Environmental Levy Act  Ch 20.10
Excise Tax Act  Ch 20.11
Finance Administration Act  Ch 20.13
Hotel Accommodation and Restaurant Act  Ch 20.20
Housing and Social Development Levy Act  Ch 20.21
Income Tax Act  Ch 20.22
Stamps Act  Ch 20.40
Travel Tax Act  Ch 20.48
Island Enhancement Fund Act  Ch 20.51
Tax Administration and Procedures Act  Ch 20.52
Payment System Act  Ch 20.57
St. Kitts Planned Community Act  Ch 20.58
Non-Govt Organisations Act  Ch 20.59
St Christopher Nevis (Mutual Exch of Info on Taxation Matters) Act  Ch 20.60
Duty Free Shops (Licensing and Taxation) Act  Ch 20.62
St Christopher Nevis, Guyana Brazil Partial Scope Agree Act  Ch 20.63
Banking Act  Ch 21.01
Confidential Relationships Act  Ch 21.02
Companies Act  Ch 21.03
Co-operative Societies Act  Ch 21.04
Eastern Caribbean Central Bank Act  Ch 21.06
Financial Services Regulatory Commission Act  Ch 21.10
Insurance Act  Ch 21.11
Limited Partnership Act  Ch 21.12
National Savings Scheme Act  Ch 21.13
Savings Bank Act  Ch 21.15
Foundations Act  Ch 21.19
Captive Insurance Companies Act  Ch 21.20
Money Services Business Act  Ch 21.21
Common Report Standard (Automatic Exch of Financial Acc Info) Act  Ch 21.22
Eastern Carib Asset Mngt Corp Act  Ch 21.23
Eastern Carib Partial Credit Guarantee (Corp) Agreement Act  Ch 21.24
Foreign Account Tax Comp (USA) (Implement Enforce of Agreement) Act  Ch 21.25
St. Kitts-Nevis-Anguilla Natl Bank Ltd (Vesting of Certain Lands) Act  Ch 21.26
Pensions Act  Ch 22.06
Public Service Act  Ch 22.09
Social Security Act  Ch 22.10
Government Auxiliary Employees Act  Ch 22.16
Public Accounts Committee Act  Ch 22.17
Integrity in Public Life Act  Ch 22.18
Dogs (Licensing and Control) Act  Ch 23.09
Metals Act  Ch 23.13
Registration and Records Act  Ch 23.25
Statistics Act  Ch 23.31 
Metrology Act  Ch 23.33
Procurement and Contract (Admin) Act  Ch 23.36
St. Kitts District of the Wesleyan Holiness Church Act Ch 24.10 
Church of God of Prophecy Saint Christopher Inc Act  Ch 24.17
Church of God 7th Day Inc Act  Ch 24.18
Pentecostal Church of God, St. Kitts (Inc) Act  Ch 24.19
Shiloh Baptist Church Nevis Incor Act  Ch 24.20
Caribbean Community Skilled Nationals Act  Ch 25.04